Promoting the Health and Wellness of Students

  • All of the following corresponds with building safe and trauma-informed environments and increasing access to care (outlined by Forward Through Ferguson herehere, and here)
    • Improving the process for assessing health and wellness needs, and triaging those who have been identified as being in need of assistance
    • Implementing comprehensive sexuality and reproductive education
    • Implementing comprehensive substance use prevention programming

Innovating Education

Altering the Public School Landscape

  • Demanding the elected school board receives full control of the district from the appointed special administrative board
  • With full accreditation in hand, advocating for the removal of St. Louis City as an area allowed for new charter schools

Supporting Our Teachers and Paying Them What They Deserve

  • Aiming for our teachers to receive some of the highest salaries in the area
  • Ensuring raises and salary bands are transparent and merit-based
  • Foster peer support infrastructure for teachers to learn from each other and provide guidance to one another (outlined by Forward Through Ferguson here)